Monday, 22 September 2014

Importance of Disinfecting High Touch Areas

Many people frequent your establishment each day and it’s important to disinfect high touch areas or “hot spots” to keep healthy staff and prevent the spread of germs to your patron’s hot spots are places that get touched by human hands with relative frequency.  a few examples would be door knobs, light switches, hand rails, phones, desks, computer keyboards, elevator buttons, urinal or toilet flush handles and sinks or faucets, just to name a few

Disinfecting is not meant to replace cleaning.  Infact using too much disinfectant may actually harm your immune system.  Our bodies need to be exposed to some germs and bacteria in order to develop the antibodies that make up a strong immune system.  Plus, all those chemicals can harm your indoor air quality.

You will still need to clean before you disinfect.  Unless a disinfectant is labeled as a disinfectant cleaner”, you will need to remove any mess from an area before your disinfectant becomes effective.  Routine cleaning is just as important as disinfecting.  Cleaning removes unwanted soil, which is the food source of bacteria.  Your janitorial staff should use discretion when selecting a disinfectant.  The most powerful disinfectant is not always the best choice.  Disinfectants that do the most harm to germs also do harm to humans.  If you can get away with using a product with less toxicity, do it!!

Different disinfectants take care of different germs.  It’s important to understand which germs you wish to eliminate.  This especially comes into play in the health care industry.  If you don’t have a particular problem with any specific germs you can purchase a broad spectrum product that will work on whatever germs you will encounter.

it takes a skilled cleaning staff to use disinfectant in a way that is not detrimental to the health of your building’s occupants.  Hire us at trabajillos for your janitorial service, we have neat and skilled cleaners, we would develop a plan to add disinfecting of high touch areas into your regular cleaning schedule

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