Friday, 8 August 2014

Your Water : The Dangers of Chlorine in it

You may be aware of the fact that chlorine acts as a disinfectant if you own a pool, but most municipalities also add water to the water supply in an effort to rid the supply of microbes in an inexpensive manner. As a homeowner, you may not have much control over what is used to disinfect the water that comes through your faucets and plumbing fixtures, but you can control what you expose your family to. Here at Trabajillos Nigeria, we believe that everyone should know about water quality and the dangers that chlorine can present. If you are wondering whether or not your unfiltered water supply is safe, read on and find out what the experts have to say. 

Ingesting Chlorinated Water Can Be Hazardous to Your Health 

It may be an inexpensive compound that kills bacteria, but if this compound kills living microorganisms what do you think it will do to the organs in the human body? It may surprise you to hear that the same compound that is used to disinfect public water supplies today in Treasure Coast is what was used as a weapon in World War I. Yes, chlorine gas was used as a weapon and when enemies breathes this gas in they would experience burning. While the levels of the compound are much lower in water, ingesting it can still present hazards to your health. 

What Are the Risks?

 A lot of studies have been conducted to see how chlorinated water can affect the human body. Based on the studies, researchers have linked water treated with this compound to higher rates of bladder and rectal cancer. Based on what the studies show, when it is ingested, the compound will interact with other organic compounds in the body that will lead to the growth of dangerous free radicals that can damage your healthy cells. Experts suggest that individuals switch to chlorine-free water to avoid becoming a statistic