Monday, 10 February 2014

Home Repairs You Shouldn't Put Off !!!

Trying to figure out where to direct your limited home repair Naira? These are the repairs that you shouldn't put off:

Caulk doesn't cost much, but it does an important job: keeping water out of places that it shouldn't be. Inspect your shower, tub and around all windows and doors on a regular basis for places that need to be recaulked. Then, get on it right away (fixing water damage costs a lot more):

Cleaning Your Dryer Vent
Washer and Dryer
You probably clean your dryer's lint trap regularly, but when's the last time you cleaned out your dryer vent? If it's been more than a year, it's time to get to it. Too much build up can lead to a fire (yikes!):

Roof Repairs
A leaky roof can lead to big problems – structural damage, mold, loss of personal property. It's nothing to mess with. Address roof leaks as soon as you discover them, and you'll save yourself a ton of cash:

Pest Problems
Termites, carpenters ants, roaches, rodents – if they've taken up residence in your home, the time to deal with them is now. Waiting will only lead to more costly treatments and further damage to your home:

A Plumbing Leak
Water Leak:
Big leak, small leak, any type of leak can do big damage to your home. Address all plumbing problems as soon as they arise. Then, learn how to keep your plumbing in tip top shape, so you have fewer problems going forward:

Peeling Paint
Fresh paint makes your house look nice, but it serves a more important purpose: keeping your house dry and rot-free. If the paint on your home is peeling off, it's time to go after it with a scraper and a paint can:

Drainage Problems
Clogged Gutter
Clogged gutters, downspouts that don't direct away from the house, improper grading – there are lots of things that can lead to drainage problems around your house, and all of them put your home's foundation at risk and invite water indoors. Now (not later) is time to tackle those rainwater woes

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