Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Easy office maintenance tips

Businesses spend substantial resources on impressive office design and refurbishments. In order to avoid incurring additional costs throughout the rent or lease, it is in the immediate interest of any company to invest time and plan wisely for proper care and maintenance of office furniture, equipment and interiors.

As an option, you may choose to employ professional service providers like Trabajillos  for office maintenance on a contractual basis, to do away with all the hassles of keeping your office clean and up-to-date. Alternatively, you must be on a constant vigil so that suitable office maintenance measures are executed to create a smooth and healthy work environment.

Let’s go over some tips for easy office maintenance.....

1.    Promote Clean Workstation Policy
Encourage your employees to do away with cluttering their desks and ensure that every desk is dust-free by adopting healthy housekeeping practices.
Keeping each workstation neat and tidy would mean half the battle won. Also, cleaner work environment would mean enhanced productivity.

2.    Maintaining Leather Finished Furniture
If you have invested in expensive leather for your office furniture, undertake appropriate measures to maintain its quality and appearance. You must refrain from using alcohol-based abrasive cleaners and opt for the ones available specifically for leather.
Also, be careful not to expose the material to direct sunlight. Engaging the services of a skilled leather-cleaning technician would be recommended.

3.    Wood Furniture Care
Finished wood furniture is quite easy to clean. Ideally, wipe the surface with a damp cloth and treat with wood polish next. Some offices might have antique furniture created from untreated wood, for which special care must be taken. Only dry cloth should be used to clean off the dust and special oils available to retain the finish of such wood must be used.

4.    A stitch in time…
Encourage your staff to report any anomaly they come across within the existing fit-out. For instance, if someone noticed a loose screw or a strange noise in one of the office chairs, they should immediately notify the appropriate person to fix it. Such prompt measures will ensure safety of the employees and avoid further damages.


5.    Focus on the Reception Area
Your company’s reception area is the face of your business. The overall appearance of the area and the cleanliness must be immaculate and ooze professionalism to create a lasting impression on your clients and visitors.
The seating area must be kept spick and span at all times. Watch out for worn out furniture pieces or upholstery and replace them without delay. Invest in high-quality stain removers to keep every inch stain-free.
It is a must to inculcate the importance of a clean workplace in your company’s primary list of objectives, so that each employee understands and acknowledges its importance in building a cleaner society and boosting overall productivity. A clean and well-maintained office space aids building the right professional attitude and a touch of refinement; and puts you across as a serious business enterprise.

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