Monday, 23 December 2013

why you should hire us to mow your lawn

Even though mowing a lawn is easy, sometimes people just don’t have the time. With busy work schedules or vacation times,We all want to sleep and relax over the weekends , who has the time to mow their lawn?
That is why we offer lawn mowing at Trabajillos. We are here to take care of your yard either while you are gone on vacation or even if you are too busy to do it yourself. We offer bi-weekly mowing jobs as well. Get on our schedule so you never have to worry about tall grass.

*This is great for those in housing developments/estates that have strict home-owners association rules, hire us to take care of it for you!*

What Does Our Lawn Mowing Service Entail?

Perfectly mowed lawns with our sharp blades, as to not damage or kill your grass.
Weeding the edges of your yard, around trees, around flower beds and other obstacles.
Complete grass cleanup. We will not leave grass clippings unless if you tell us otherwise.

Do You Need To Hire A Lawn Mowing Service?

If you live in a neighborhood that has a homeowners association, they may fine you a fee if you do not keep your lawn trimmed. Some homeowners associations will continue to fine you until you fix the problems. Not only can they fine you but if you do not fix any issues they request, they can also put a lien on your house for the amount due.
Do you travel or have a physically demanding job? Those who travel for work or those who work in physically demanding jobs would rather have someone else mow their lawn on a set schedule. We can work with you and keep your lawn trimmed so you never have to worry about it.
Do you lack the right equipment? Buying a lawn mower and weed eater can pay off in the long run but sometimes it’s difficult to purchase the right equipment if you are on a budget. Our services range in price depending on your lawn’s size. We always offer a free estimate on all jobs so you always know what to expect to pay.

So if you are looking for Lawn Mowing then give us a call at 08067179557 for fast service.

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