Friday, 6 December 2013

3 ways to manage your space

We all have well been through that moment a number of times, when we look around, sigh and exclaim, “We don’t i have enough space!!” But not anymore; small, little tips can help you manage everything in your house and make it a livelier place to live. It is a well known fact that the more organised and clean the place is where you live, the better atmosphere you create for yourself and your family.

Positivity cannot be brought inside a house cramped with big and small things fit together to survive, and not be cherished and admired. And you can put a stop to it only if space management is put into action. You may have been a part of several conversations pertaining to doing this or that about space management, but there are mainly and broadly three categories which are simple and very essential. They are very easy to follow, and once you get into the groove, each member of the family will get accustomed to it. They are:

You will notice that sometimes, it is not just about the things in the house that take up the place, it is also the way they are kept that blocks the energies and instantly fill up the room. Furniture, especially, should be rearranged in such a manner that it makes way for you to walk around without any hassles. Use the corner space for rugs and chairs, and do not keep the dining table at the centre just because that is how it is classically kept. You can use one half of the room and set it up there.

Time to Discard
It is not just special occasions when you should clean the house and discard things, which usually happens to procrastinate from months to even years. Make it a point to set a desired number of days, like every two months or less, that you will discard any unimportant articles lying around in your house.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for people to part away from things they brought, as it often reminds them of the cherished emotion they relate with it. Hence, the best way to go about it is to remember the last time that particular item was used. This comes very handy when you get to cleaning your wardrobe. Do not keep things just because you want to remember the time you bought it. In retrospect, remember the things you want to keep but cannot find the right place/mantle.

Think before you Purchase
It is very essential for you to stop making random purchases. Be it the new showpiece that you liked, the ashtray made out of Plaster of Paris, or the very creative wall hanging that was gifted to you on your birthday. Take things out from the cupboards only when needed, but take them out of the house if you want to make way for the new purchases.

Putting just about everything together will highlight the beauty of none of those. So the idea is to make space for each item in your house by carefully weighing what you are bringing home, and what all needs to be discarded.

Follow these simple tips and you will soon be feeling like you live in a bigger, brighter and prettier house than before.

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