Monday, 11 November 2013


It’s important to clean gutters to ensure the proper drainage. If gutters get clogged up, they can create a number of problems for property owners including:

Wood rot
Basement leaks
Foundation damage
Erosion of landscaping
Dirty windows
Lower property value
Providing a home for rodents, pests, insects, mosquitoes, etc.
It creates more weight in the gutters which will cause them to loosen over time
Bent gutters
Even fires caused from falling ashes
More pressure on the gutters causing them to unfasten or leak
And more problems all of which can lead to very expensive repair bills

Properly cleaning gutters prevents these problems and more by ensuring the flow of water to flush through the gutter & downspout and away from the house & foundation through the downspout which they are made to do. It’s an important home maintenance step that should not be ignored. It’s extremely affordable to hire us, even more so when you look at the possible repair bills if you don’t

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