Wednesday, 27 November 2013



·         Thorough Fumigation Services
·         Available throughout Lagos
·         Valid for Two, Three or Four Bedroom Flats
·         can serve as gift package

Services include:
o   Cleaning of the entire internal premises
o   Trash clearing
o   Cleaning and dusting of light holders
o   Electronic equipment and fixtures cleaning
o   Bathroom cleaning
o   Kitchen cleaning and vacuuming

Thorough home fumigation services.
·         Use of environment friendly chemicals

·         Coupon(s) valid until DEC 20, 2013 (unused coupons after this date will not be honoured/refunded by Trabajillos).
·         Each coupon is valid for one (1) individual only
·         Multiple Coupons can be purchased.
·         Cleaning sessions are by appointment only
·         Deal is available throughout Lagos
·         Deal is Valid for only 2, 3 and 4 bedroom flats only
·         Please call 08067179557 or email for enquiries and for payment enquiries.

Secure your habitation and keep it safe from pests with today’s Deal; N15,000 for an Intensive Fumigation and Cleaning Session for Two, Three or Four Bedroom Flats  (worth N30000) from Trabajillos Nigeria

but if you want this service tailored for you,the fumigation exercise is N13,000 while a cleaning session is N6,000

The professional fumigators and cleaners of Trabajillos whip out their state of the art weaponry to rid the home zone of territory invaders. Using cleaning methods learned from experts, they engage in cleaning of the entire internal premises, emptying of trash, cleaning and dusting of light holders, electronic equipment and fixtures, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning and vacuuming, cleaning of all internal windows and more. Their services are expertly carried out by hard working uniformed team, ensuring that all unwanted guests are sent packing, leaving the premises spick and span clean without any discomfort to you. This deal is valid for two, three or four bedroom flats within the city of Lagos.

Trabajillos offers all the support required to deliver well managed, clean, safe and efficient premises for client convenience while also providing a wide range of forward thinking Facility Management solutions delivered with intense passion and commitment.

please call 08067179557/08053967361 or email us: for more enquiry about the offer..

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Even though you may not be a qualified HVAC technician there are several things you can do to you improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and prolong it’s life. As contractors prices increase and pay raises decrease you may not be able to have a air conditioning technician clean and check your system every year like most manufactures recommend. It is still a good idea to have a qualified service man check your refrigerant pressures and temperatures every few years to obtain maximum system efficiency. Many things done on a preventive maintenance can be done by most home owners and do not require any specialty tools or instruments.

Many people don’t realize that the furnace filter they are accustom to changing is also used for your central air system. Make sure to inspect your system air filter monthly and replace as needed. A clean air filter is just as if not more important for air conditioning than heating.You will also want to make sure most of the supply registers for you system are open. Air conditioners are sized for a specific amount of air flow so if it is restricted by closed register problems may occur. Be sure the drain line from the indoor coil or evaporator is clear and that there are no kinks in the hose. If this line seems very dirty you can pour common house hold bleach through it to kill growing bacteria. Condensate pan treatment tablets or pads should be placed in the evaporator to prevent mold and bacteria from growing in the pan.

Next you will want to turn the power off to the out door unit or condenser at the breaker and remove all grass and shrubs growing with in 8-10 inches of the coil that surrounds the air conditioner. Use a garden hose to soak down the coil surface area making sure not to use so much pressure that you damage the coil fins. Apply a condenser coil cleaner product that comes in a aerosol spray can or mixable concentrate and let soak for 3-5 minutes. Remove the units top and flush coil clean with a garden hose preferably from the inside out. Oil the condenser fan motor with 4-5 drops of a light weight oil, provided the motor has oiling ports. Follow up with a coil coating treatment spray to help keep dirt from sticking in the future.

Reassemble and restore power to the air conditioner. Set your thermostat to cool and below room temperature. After letting in run for 5-10 minutes check the discharge temperature at one of the supply registers closest to the indoor air handler. A quick rule of thumb is that you should have a 15 to 20 degree difference in supply air temperature and room air temperature. So if it is 76 degrees in the house your supply air temperature should be around 56 to 61 degrees. If the temperature difference is less than 15 degrees you may have to have a air conditioning technician check the refrigerant levels.

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Easy Steps for Cleaning the Chandelier

By the looks of it, cleaning a chandelier may seem like an overwhelming job. That’s how I felt when my mother-in-law told me we would be inheriting the family chandelier. But (thankfully!) I learned that it isn’t as hard as it looks, as long as you follow these quick and easy steps. Always remember to turn the lights off and let the bulbs cool down before you start cleaning.

Once a week, take a magnetized duster and slowly go around the chandelier, touching the light bulbs, the crystals, and all the metal on the fixture. A magnetized duster or a soft cleaning stick will attract the loose dust and cobwebs better than traditional feather dusters, which may throw dust around into the air.

Twice a year, climb the ladder to get a closer look. With a soft, dry glove, carefully wipe down each of the crystal pieces, as well as the metal and bulbs. The gloves are the key because they allow you to use your fingers for intricate pieces and apply more or less pressure as needed.

Once a year, take the chandelier apart and give each piece a good cleaning. Using a mild detergent and warm water on a cloth, gently clean each crystal piece and the metal parts. Next, lay everything out on a micro-fiber or lint free cloth to air dry; you can also polish them dry if you are really in a hurry.

It’s good to know that most chandeliers have finishes that are properly lacquered and backed, so you shouldn't use liquid cleaners or abrasives. These chemicals can ruin the finish causing discoloration, peeling or breakage. If you have questions about your specific fixture, you can refer to your product manual or you may be able to check the manufacturer’s website for cleaning instructions.

Let’s us @trabajillos give your chandelier that sparkling looks once more.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Tips to Conquer Your Scary Storage Space

We have all been there. You’re all set to decorate for the holidays and are excited to grab those containers full of goodies you've collected over the years.  You finally summon up the nerve to go into your storage space only to notice the critter party that has taken place while you have been away for the year. Maybe you’ll find simple nuisances like cobwebs and dust or something worse like critter droppings ……

Step 1: Clear the Clutter
First, clear out the entire area where possible. A cluttered area is the perfect place for bugs and critters to populate and will make regular cleaning a challenge. As you sort through everything, organize items in to three piles: Trash, Donate, and Keep. Toss anything that no longer works. If you are keeping items that you do not love to possibly use in the future, consider donating it (or even selling it). This method forces you only keep items that are truly useful and well loved, keeping your unnecessary clutter at bay.

 Step 2: Evict the Musty Mold, Crafty Critters and Stinky Scents
If you are cleaning out a crawl space, basement, attic or garage, be sure keep a eye out for mold and foul odors, the most common problem found in these areas due to high levels of moisture and leaks,Look for physical signs of pest infestation like droppings, insect parts, webs and nesting materials as well as damage to walls and floors. If you find any of these signs, call us @trabajillos ( an exterminator) to check out the area. If you see some evidence, chances are there is plenty more you are not seeing.

To remove musty smells place bowls of vinegar or a boxes of baking soda around the area to absorb odors. Replace every few weeks.

 Step 3: Time to organize!
Once you have gone through all of your decorations, holiday items and whatever else you have sorted, it’s time to take out what you need for now and set up your clean storage space, properly.  Replace old, damaged boxes with new, labeled boxes or even better, use plastic tubs. Storing items in plastic tubs will keep them safe from critters and water if stored on the floor. If you have the option, store tubs on industrial shelving found in home improvement stores. If you are organizing a garage, mounting items on durable hooks and pegboards are a great way to keep items, safe, dry and organized.

Let us deal with your scary storage space and give your home/office a sparkly Clean look. Visit our website for an estimate today!

Monday, 11 November 2013


It’s important to clean gutters to ensure the proper drainage. If gutters get clogged up, they can create a number of problems for property owners including:

Wood rot
Basement leaks
Foundation damage
Erosion of landscaping
Dirty windows
Lower property value
Providing a home for rodents, pests, insects, mosquitoes, etc.
It creates more weight in the gutters which will cause them to loosen over time
Bent gutters
Even fires caused from falling ashes
More pressure on the gutters causing them to unfasten or leak
And more problems all of which can lead to very expensive repair bills

Properly cleaning gutters prevents these problems and more by ensuring the flow of water to flush through the gutter & downspout and away from the house & foundation through the downspout which they are made to do. It’s an important home maintenance step that should not be ignored. It’s extremely affordable to hire us, even more so when you look at the possible repair bills if you don’t

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Window cleaning is something that most of us would take for granted. But did you know that having clean windows makes a lot of difference to the atmosphere of a place. Take for example your home; if you have windows that have accumulated dirt and dust overtime, they are sure to negatively affect the colour, feel and mood of your home. Similarly, place yourself in an office, when clients walk into your office you don’t want them to be taking away that you have a very dull and lifeless office, but what you want them to take away is that you have a vibrant and lively office.

Yes, you may be surprised but windows are capable of making or breaking an image.  There is no excuse for having dirty windows and customers will not have a forgiving attitude. Dirty windows create an unprofessional atmosphere that gives the message that the company is not concerned with how they present themselves to clients.

It also speaks about the company or the organization, clean windows reflect that you are committed to keeping the office better and clean, and that you continue to strive to be better. All these impressions are formed based on the atmosphere of the office, which inadvertently is caused by the natural light that enters into the room, which of course would not happen if you have dirty windows.

A professional window cleaning company  will have the equipment required as well as training for handling windows on ground level buildings as well as skyscrapers. Those who have office buildings in high rises have no option but to hire a professional window cleaning company. Cleaning high-rise windows is extremely dangerous and involves professional equipment such as scaffolding, guardrails, and security ropes. Professionals are trained in a variety of cleaning methods that ensure even the hardest to reach windows are cleaned, polished, and shined to perfection.
It will also help your employees, as naturally when you work in a bright and vibrant setting, they will be more active and organised. They will both emotionally and physically motivated to perform better. Of course interior design plays a much bigger role in ensuring that the right atmosphere is present, but it all starts with natural light and view.  We may give very little importance, some of us might not even regard this as important but having clean windows is very useful to bring out the positive atmosphere in a room

A professional window cleaning company  will have the equipment required as well as training for handling windows on ground level buildings as well as skyscrapers. Those who have office buildings in high rises have no option but to hire a professional window cleaning company. Cleaning high-rise windows is extremely dangerous and involves professional equipment such as scaffolding, guardrails, and security ropes.our  Professional window cleaners are trained in a variety of cleaning methods that ensure even the hardest to reach windows are cleaned, polished, and shined to perfection.

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