Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fire prevention

Fire is one of the greatest threats to your family and home. Not only do you need to be quickly alerted — you need to respond fast to fire alarms as well. Fire has the potential to wipe out everything in its path in just minutes. You need to take every possible precaution to minimize its risks. Listed below are some helpful tips to keep your family and home safe from fire.
  • Take care with electrics – over 7,000 fires a year are caused by faulty electrics.
  • Never plug an extension cable into another extension cable or overload plug sockets.
  • When replacing fuses, ensure the correct rating is used.
  • Don’t run cables under carpets, they can get damaged, short, spark and set fire to the carpet.
  • Ensure you don’t exceed recommended wattage when replacing light bulbs. Higher wattage bulbs may give off more heat then sustainable by the lamp shade and cause char, smoulder and open flames.
  • Unplug appliances when not in use.  
  • Don’t place wet washing on heaters or in front of fires.
  • Don’t leave lit candles unattended and always put them out before going to bed.
  • Have a spark proof guard in front of all open fires.
  • Ensure that children don’t have access to cookers, matches or are left alone with access to open fires.
  • Never store more chemicals and cleaning fluids then you need.
  • Store paints and thinners in a metal container; never store flammable materials under a staircase.
  • Close all internal doors to limit fires from spreading, especially at nights.
  • Be watchful when cooking - over half of all home fires are caused by accidents in the kitchen.*
  • When cooking, never leave hot fats or oils unattended. Make sure saucepan handles don’t stick out as they may be knocked off the surface and cause fire.
  • Don’t exceed the recommended cooking times of high starch and/or sugar content foods when using your microwave; these can burst into flames.
  • Make sure your smoke detectors are working correctly (test regularly!)– 1 in 3 smoke alarms fail to work and warn residents of a fire, mainly due to missing or non-working batteries.*
  • Get a fire blanket and fire extinguisher, and know how to use them.
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