Friday, 5 July 2013

Maintaining your Sewage/soakaway/septic tank.

Maintaining your Sewage/soakaway/septic tank

Most soakaway will be filling fast especially after heavy rainfall and the water is not dropping then its a good chance your soakaway is damaged,solids from your tank will be forced down your soakaway clogging the pipes and contaminating the soil, thereby creating bad odour around your surrounding.

Regularly maintaining your sewage treatment plant helps to prevent any potential problems for the system. We recommend that you empty your sewage treatment plant at least every six to twelve months to remove solids that accumulate over time.Trabajillos sewage  department has been emptying Sewage plants for over 5 years for customers who want a professional service.

Tips for Sewage Treatment Plant Owners

• Empty six / twelve months
• Service yearly
• Avoid chemical household cleaners
• Avoid baby / facial wipes being flushed down toilet

call US 08067179557 or visit for emptying and maintenance of your Septic tank.

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