Monday, 22 July 2013

Household Sewage System Maintenance Tips

After the installation of a septic system, most homeowners tend to forget about it; out of sight, out of mind. But the household septic system performs a vital task and requires a little care and maintenance to keep it functioning properly. Certain chemicals can harm the delicate balance in a septic tank and should not be run through the system.

They include:
• Paints and solvents
• Thinners
• Nail polish remover
• Drain cleaners
• Motor oil
• Kerosene and gasoline
• Floor wax
• Chlorine bleach

Other materials may not harm the system chemically, but could cause a blockage. These items cannot be digested by the microorganisms in the septic tank.
They include:
• Grease and cooking oil
• Animal fat
• Coffee grounds
• Plastics
• Cigarettes
• Cotton balls and cotton swabs
• Condoms
• Feminine hygiene products
• Diapers

Another essential part of maintaining your septic system is having the septic tank pumped on a regular basis. Solids will accumulate in the septic tank and must be removed regularly before they migrate into the leachfield and clog the pipes. Some Health Department recommends having septic tanks pumped every 3 - 5 years.

Some additional tips on protecting your sewage treatment system:

Do not build anything over or within ten feet of any part of your septic system. This includes driveways, fences, swimming pools, sheds, decks and house additions. Do not allow anyone to drive heavy vehicles over any portion of the sewage system. Pipes and tanks may be damaged or crushed and the soil may become compacted, which could minimize its ability to filter and absorb sewage. Do not plant any trees or shrubs with complex root systems, like willows or soft maples, near any portion of the system. Their roots will travel laterally underground as they seek water and will grow into pipes causing blockages. 

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Friday, 5 July 2013

Maintaining your Sewage/soakaway/septic tank.

Maintaining your Sewage/soakaway/septic tank

Most soakaway will be filling fast especially after heavy rainfall and the water is not dropping then its a good chance your soakaway is damaged,solids from your tank will be forced down your soakaway clogging the pipes and contaminating the soil, thereby creating bad odour around your surrounding.

Regularly maintaining your sewage treatment plant helps to prevent any potential problems for the system. We recommend that you empty your sewage treatment plant at least every six to twelve months to remove solids that accumulate over time.Trabajillos sewage  department has been emptying Sewage plants for over 5 years for customers who want a professional service.

Tips for Sewage Treatment Plant Owners

• Empty six / twelve months
• Service yearly
• Avoid chemical household cleaners
• Avoid baby / facial wipes being flushed down toilet

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Common Pests and How to Control Them

There are all kinds of pests that may invade your home—eight legged, four legged and even two legged—but some of the most common and most bothersome are the six legged ones. I'm talking about cockroaches and ants. Once they're entrenched, they can be hard to get rid of, but if you're plagued by cockroaches or ants here's how to show them the door.


There are things to do that can guard against cockroaches. First, don’t keep trash indoors any longer than necessary. Put it outside. And don’t leave a lot of trash bags full of clothing or other things sitting around. Most importantly, get rid of all cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes make great cheap or free storage containers, however they also are the cockroach’s favorite breeding tool. Buy plastic storage containers at a discount store. The expense is well worth it. And don’t put all the things from the cardboard boxes into trash bags. Roaches can also breed and nest in plastic bags. Use plastic storage containers for everything. Roaches love clutter, so try to keep your home neat and clear. In the kitchen, don’t leave food or scraps laying around. Keep the strainer in your sink clear of food particles. Cockroaches need water, and they are attracted to it. Don’t leave dishes soaking in the kitchen sink unless absolutely necessary. Keep kitchen counters clean. These steps are your best protection against a cockroach infestation.


Ants are much easier to guard against and eradicate than cockroaches.To avoid ants, you should do this no matter what part of the country you live in. Also, don’t leave any open food around. After each meal, clean up the table completely, and make sure to remove any food scraps from the floor. Don’t leave out any partially eaten candy, or any other sticky sweet items. Ants are drawn from far away by sugar. Put any layer cakes or pastries in the refrigerator. Thoroughly clean out any cabinets where sugar was stored. If you follow these steps, you should remain ant free. If ants still invade, the small ant poison feeders work well. Put them any place you see ants. This should take care of your ant problem.ant