Thursday, 18 April 2013

23 Awesome tips,hints and tricks ready for use in the master bath or guest bathroom.

                                                                Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathroom Tile
Rub ordinary car wax into your ceramic bathroom tiling to clean and refinish. Let it stand 10 minutes and buff or polish.

Tile Tip
 Use a typewriter eraser to clean spaces between bathroom tiles.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Use a typewriter eraser to clean spaces between bathroom tiles.

Metal Shower Head
To clean mineral deposits from a clogged shower head, boil it with half a cup of white vinegar and one quart of vinegar for a while

Plastic Shower Head
Soak a plastic shower head in a hot vinegar and water mixture to unclog it.

Preventing Mildew
Soak a plastic shower head in a hot vinegar and water mixture to unclog it.

Removing Mildew
Wash mildewed shower curtains in hot soapy water, rub with lemon juice, and let them dry in the sun.

Cleaning Fixtures
Dip a cloth in kerosene or rubbing alcohol to remove scum and spots from your bathroom fixtures.

Removing Film and Scum
Use a piece of very fine plain steel wool to remove film from the shower stall.

Porcelain Cleaners
Lighter fluid will remove most dark, stubborn stains from sink and bathtub

Yellowed Bathtub
Restore whiteness to a yellowed bathtub by rubbing with a salt and turpentine solution

Shower Mat Tip
Dip a stiff brush in a kerosene and warm water solution to clean the bath mat.

Rust Stains
Spread a paste of hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar over the rusted area, and add a few drops of ammonia. Let it stand or 2 or 3 hours.

Rusty Tile
Rust stains on tile can be removed with kerosene.

Rings in Toilet Bowl
Try using one of the rust removers (found on this site) to remove toilet bowl rings.

Cleaning Shower Doors
Rub glass shower doors with a white vinegar dampened sponge to remove soap residue.

Bathtub Cleaner
Insert a sponge into the leg of an old nylon stocking and knot the end. Use it to scrub sinks, bathtub, tile, etc.

Steam-Free Mirror
If your medicine cabinet has two sliding mirrors, slide one side open before taking a hot bath or shower. After the bath, you'll have one clean mirror instead of two that are steamed and foggy
Save an Aching Back
If you suffer from back problems, use a child's toy mop to clean your bathtub--you won't have to stoop over to clean.

Rubber Bath Mat
Stand a rubber bath on end to let it drain--prevents mildew and mold.
Preventing Steamy Bathrooms
If you run about an inch of cold water before adding hot water in the bath, there will be absolutely no steam in your bathroom.

Medicine Cabinet
It's a good idea to go through your medicine several times a year and throw away medicines that are old or outdated. They could be dangerous

Easy Bathroom Cleaning
Clean your bathroom after a steamy bath or shower. The walls, fixtures, etc., will be much easier to clean, because the steam will have loosened the dirt

Monday, 15 April 2013

The Logic Behind Hiring Household Help

Once a week, a cleaning service comes by some houses and do what I refer to as ‘the heavy cleaning.’ Floors get washed, bathrooms get scrubbed and just about everything in the house gets dusted. In theory, these are all tasks that you could fit into your schedule at some point, rather than paying someone to handle. In reality, for your household, this is the only way that cleaning much beyond laundry and dishes will ever get done!

The Logic of the Decision
On the math side of the equation, the decision is easy: you can earn more working through your own business than it costs to bring in maid service. Furthermore, the tasks that the maid service completes require about an hour to 2hrs for them, but take closer to three or four hours for me to do.having them around can give you time to spend with you family and friends,the make those visits you’ve been procrastinating.

Of course, if you aren’t going to spend the time you save by bringing in some household help on work, the math gets a little more iffy. You’ve got to determine the value of your free time and judge whether it’s more important to have that free time or the money you would otherwise get. In a lot of situations, it makes sense to choose keeping the money over freeing up some extra time.

This isn’t a choice that everyone has,In order to bring in help and not do everything for oneself, there already needs to be a cushion in the bank account. It is a luxury to have someone come in and handle chores that you might otherwise do yourself. Choosing to spend money on that particular luxury, rather than another one is a personal choice. If there was some other luxury I truly wanted — a certain vacation, a fast car — you could stop maid service tomorrow and start saving for that luxury instead. It’s a personal choice and some of us our personal view of luxury involves not having to clean the bathroom :) hehehe

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Cleaning Stuffed Toys

Cleaning Stuffed Toys
If you’ve got kids, those toys are loved and get dirty fast.

It seems like one day, your toddler has a few stuffed friends and the next their room is overrun with a stuffed toy menagerie. Most kids have at least one or two special stuffed toys for naps, trips in the car, or just to join them in tea parties or conquering imaginary lands.

What you might not realize is that these toys can harbor dust and dust mites that contribute to allergies and asthma. In addition, the most loved stuffed toys; you know, the ones that get drooled on, slept with and just basically dragged around the house, can be a veritable petri dish of germs and dirt.

If you can remove the dust and germs from their favorite snugly toys, you are giving them a gift of health even if they don’t suffer with allergies and asthma.

Washable Toys:

So, how can you get their best friends clean and ready for some serious play? Let’s start with the basics. The first line of defense when keeping stuffed toys clean is to read the instructions on the toy.

Many stuffed toys that are made specifically for babies can be thrown in the washer and dryer.
If you can put the stuffed toy in the washer and dryer, put it into a pillowcase first.
This will give it a little more of a gentle ride through the washing process.

Non-Washable Toys:
With the furry friends that can’t be put into the washer, the process of cleaning is a little different. Most furry stuffed toys can’t be immersed in water and contain a great deal of synthetic materials that wouldn’t make it through the washing machine. For these non-washable stuffed animals and toys here are a few things you can try.

Your handheld vacuum is your best friend when it comes to getting stuffed toys clean. Every time you vacuum your kid’s room, you can take the handle attachment of the machine and run it over the fur of the stuffed animals. This is the easiest way to get out most of the dust that collects in these little critters.

Sponge bath:
You can actually get your kids involved in this one and make it fun. Take a damp sponge and wipe down each stuffed animal to get the dust from their fur. You can then send them for a spin in the dryer (set on low) with a good smelling dryer sheet to freshen them up.

Spot clean:
If you find a spot on the stuffed toy and can’t throw it in the washer and dryer, you can take a wet cloth with a little diluted dish soap and clean the spot. This can be especially good for food or drink spots.

Keeping your child’s stuffed toys clean and dust free is a great way to keep them healthy and free from as many allergens as possible. It can feel like a losing battle sometimes, but it’s worth the effort and it’s also a great way to get your kids involved in cleaning and taking care of their things.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

How to Keep your House Clean

In everyone’s world there are lots and lots of things that needs cleaning.

Household chores are a part of everyone’s life and there are times to just tidy up and times to really get down and scrub. One way you can make cleaning less time consuming and less trouble is to follow a routine every day that makes the big jobs a little less intimidating.

Here are some quick tips on how to clean areas of the house in between your regular cleanings.

Bathroom Cleaning:

·         Clean the bathroom sink with a cleaning wipe.
·         Use the same wipe to clean around the tub and finish with the toilet.
·         Dampen a soft rag to wipe down the mirror.
·         After your shower, use a squeegee to wipe down the shower walls and glass door.

Cleaning the Bedroom:

·         Make your bed
·         Put away or hang up any clothing that’s lying around and put dirty clothes in the hamper.
·         Put away jewellery that’s on the dresser top or night table.
·         Straighten the dresser top, desk, and night table.

How to Keep the Kitchen Clean:

·         Wash your the dishes, if the dishes are done put them away.
·         Hang up or fold the dish towels
·         Wipe out the sink
·         Wipe off the top of the stove
·         Wipe off the countertops
·         Sweep the floor
·         Wipe up any sticky spots on the floor
·         Clean the coffee carafe and empty filter basket

Living Areas:

·         Have your kid(s) Pick up toys, CDs, magazines, books, and other stuff that’s just lying around.
·         Clean up the sofa - put cushions where they belong and fold throws.
·         Dust
·         Clean up crumbs
·         Wipe fingerprints off tabletops and the TV
·         Follow the basic list above for the dining room, the living room, the family room and whatever other living areas you have in your home.

Hall Closets and Entryways:

·         Line up your shoes
·         Put away clutter


In some houses, depending on whether a family is large or small, laundry may need to be done every day.

·         Family members should bring laundry to the laundry area. If they’re good at it, they should sort it into the correct piles. If not, someone who is should be responsible for this chore.

·         Pre-treat stains
·         Start a load of laundry and let it go through a cycle while you’re doing some of the jobs above.
·         When the load is done, put it in the dryer or hang or lay flat to dry those things that can’t be dried in the dryer and start another load.
·         Empty the dryer
·         Hang or fold the laundry.
·         Either put it away or have the kids pick up their own laundry and put it away.

Now, if there’s any time left, and if you have any "steam" left, pick a job off the list of larger jobs that get done once a week and do it. Maybe it’s getting rid of leftovers in the refrigerator and wiping down the shelves. Maybe it’s vacuuming or mopping. If you have kids that do work around the house to earn allowance, add some of the cleaning items listed to their chore list.

If you follow the list above and do one big job at least every couple of days, your house will be spic and span all the time and you won’t even feel like you’ve done a lot of housework. It’s all in the planning and organization or better still invite professionals(us- Trabajillos) to come do the work for you, routine or periodic,we don’t cut corners we do the job!