Thursday, 14 February 2013


Rodents are a common pest to infest occupied premises and don't make for a hygienic or productive workplace. Did you know that mice can leave about 80 droppings a day! Most infestations are reported following a sighting of live rodents but at this instance the infestation has usually been present for many weeks.
here are a number of signs to indicate their presence which can often be found at the early stages of infestation. Things to look out for are:

Droppings - rat droppings are small blunt spindle shaped measuring about 10-20 millimetres long and mice droppings are rod shaped and 3-6 millimetres long;

Nesting material (small pieces of chewed paper and plastic) often found at base of draw units, service cupboards and store rooms

Noises - You're more likely to hear them at night. You'll hear squeaks, rustling and scampering sounds as they make their way around.

Grease marks - rodents often leave a black or dark grey smear of body grease when regularly running over surfaces such as conduit or pipes.

Damaged or spoilt food - did you know mice will eat most foods before they will eat cheese? Favourites include chocolate, peanuts and cooking fat!

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