Monday, 28 January 2013

Basic Home Tips to Prevent Cockroaches

Preventing cockroaches and stopping them from re-entering your house is a very important thing. Once you prevent them from coming, you do not have to look for any control measures or pesticides.

If you can follow these basic home tips, you can not only control cockroaches but also keep your house neat, clean, and dirt free.
Tips to Avoid Cockroaches
1. Avoid keeping any food material open. Keep it in an air tight container as any open lying food can easily attract cockroaches.

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2. Keep all the shelves, drawers and cabinets in your house painted and clean, especially your kitchen room. Unclean places or cabinets are the favorite places for pests and cockroaches.
3. You should also keep all the boxes and containers in your house clean by washing them regularly and keeping them dirt free.
4. Avoid keeping garbage in an open container, instead use tightly covered containers for garbage and place them outside.
5. You can keep your kitchen clean by cleaning the stove top, tables, cabinets, drawers, plates etc. Do not leave any leftover food open in your kitchen.
6. Food materials like cereals, sugar, flour etc should be stored or kept in an air tight container.
7. If you have unwanted or unused clothes or furniture pieces at home then discard them every now and then.
8. Avoid keeping dry or wet clothes in the bathroom for a long time. Since they produce bad odour, cockroaches can make them their dwelling place.
9. If there are used utensils in the kitchen sink, it is better to wash them and clean up the kitchen before going to bed. Avoid keeping them overnight.
10. Keep the drains in the kitchen sinks and bathroom clean and covered tightly.
11. If there any cracks in the bathroom pipes, seal them immediately.
12. Clean your house every now and then, specially the corners of every room.
To prevent cockroaches from re-entering your house, it is important to maintain cleanliness regularly. Take immediate preventive cockroach control measures and have a pest-free house.

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