Thursday, 31 January 2013

Fire extinguisher maintenance

IMPORTANT: Recharge all extinguishers immediately after use regardless of how much they were used.

What is the difference between a fire extinguisher inspection and fire extinguisher maintenance?

An inspection is a “quick check” to give reasonable assurance that a fire extinguisher is available, fully charged and operable. The value of an inspection lies in the frequency, regularity, and thoroughness with which it is conducted. The frequency will vary from hourly to monthly, based on the needs of the situation. Inspections should always be conducted when extinguishers are initially placed in service and thereafter at approximately 30-day intervals.

Fire extinguishers should be maintained at regular intervals (at least once a year), or when specifically indicated by an inspection. Maintenance is a “thorough check” of the extinguisher. It is intended to give maximum assurance that an extinguisher will operate effectively and safely. It includes a thorough examination and any necessary repair, recharging or replacement. It will normally reveal the need for hydrostatic testing of an extinguisher

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

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How to clean your oven

Tackle the oven regularly and it needn't become your shameful secret!

Every day: It's hard to imagine having the discipline to wipe out the oven after every use, but deep down you know it makes sense - just think about never having to do a huge oven blitz again.

Cleaning a dirty oven requires either natural materials and elbow grease or a pretty scary chemical attack.

The non-caustic method calls for, you guessed it, bicarbonate of soda, mixed to a thick paste and smeared all over the inside of the oven. Leave overnight then brace yourself for some serious scrubbing with water and a scourer.

The caustic method requires less graft but more prep. You need a solution of ammonia bleach and water, a respiratory face mask, thick rubber gloves, protective clothes and the surrounding area needs to be well protected, too. Take the oven shelves outside, spray them with your solution and seal them into a bin bag. Spray the oven with the bleach. After a couple of hours, hose down the racks (keeping away from plants, pets, neighbours etc) then wash them in warm soapy water. Rinse out the oven with plenty of clean water. Pregnant women and asthmatics should avoid this like the plague, and keep children and pets well out of it, too.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Basic Home Tips to Prevent Cockroaches

Preventing cockroaches and stopping them from re-entering your house is a very important thing. Once you prevent them from coming, you do not have to look for any control measures or pesticides.

If you can follow these basic home tips, you can not only control cockroaches but also keep your house neat, clean, and dirt free.
Tips to Avoid Cockroaches
1. Avoid keeping any food material open. Keep it in an air tight container as any open lying food can easily attract cockroaches.

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Saturday, 26 January 2013

23 Bathroom Cleanin Tips

23 tips, hints, and tricks ready for use in the master bath or guest bathroom.

Bathroom Tile
Rub ordinary car wax into your ceramic bathroom tiling to clean and refinish. Let it stand 10 minutes and buff or polish.

Tile Tip
Use a typewriter eraser to clean spaces between bathroom tiles.

Cleaning the Bathroom
Use a typewriter eraser to clean spaces between bathroom tiles.

Metal Shower Head
To clean mineral deposits from a clogged shower head, boil it with half a cup of white vinegar and one quart of vinegar for a while

Plastic Shower Head
Soak a plastic shower head in a hot vinegar and water mixture to unclog it.

Preventing Mildew
Soak a plastic shower head in a hot vinegar and water mixture to unclog it.

Removing Mildew
Wash mildewed shower curtains in hot soapy water, rub with lemon juice, and let them dry in the sun.

Cleaning Fixtures
Dip a cloth in kerosene or rubbing alcohol to remove scum and spots from your bathroom fixtures.

Removing Film and Scum
Use a piece of very fine plain steel wool to remove film from the shower stall.

Porcelain Cleaners
Lighter fluid will remove most dark, stubborn stains from sink and bathtub

Yellowed Bathtub
Restore whiteness to a yellowed bathtub by rubbing with a salt and turpentine solution

 Shower Mat Tip
Dip a stiff brush in a kerosene and warm water solution to clean the bath mat.

Rust Stains
Spread a paste of hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar over the rusted area, and add a few drops of ammonia. Let it stand or 2 or 3 hours.

Rusty Tile
Rust stains on tile can be removed with kerosene.

Rings in Toilet Bowl
Try using one of the rust removers to remove toilet bowl rings.

Cleaning Shower Doors
Rub glass shower doors with a white vinegar dampened sponge to remove soap residue.

 Bathtub Cleaner
Insert a sponge into the leg of an old nylon stocking and knot the end. Use it to scrub sinks, bathtub, tile, etc.

 Steam-Free Mirror
If your medicine cabinet has two sliding mirrors, slide one side open before taking a hot bath or shower. After the bath, you'll have one clean mirror instead of two that are steamed and foggy

 Save an Aching Back
if you suffer from back problems, use a child's toy mop to clean your bathtub--you won't have to stoop over to clean.

 Rubber Bath Mat
Stand a rubber bath on end to let it drain--prevents mildew and mold.

Preventing Steamy Bathrooms
If you run about an inch of cold water before adding hot water in the bath, there will be absolutely no steam in your bathroom.

 Medicine Cabinet
It's a good idea to go through your medicine several times a year and throw away medicines that are old or outdated. They could be dangerous

Easy Bathroom Cleaning
Clean your bathroom after a steamy bath or shower. The walls, fixtures, etc., will be much easier to clean, because the steam will have loosened the dirt

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pinch out early buds

Those beds of pansies will bloom more prolifically if you take a few moments to pinch out early buds. This encourages plants to bush out and, in the end, produce more flowers

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Tips On Office Furniture Care And Maintenance

Tips On Office Furniture Care And Maintenance

Office furniture and fixtures are a large investment for any business.  As such, proper care and maintenance for furnishings is necessary to make sure that they won’t need replacing for years.  Here are some tips on how you can keep your office furniture in top shape.

1.     Mind the leather
If your office furniture includes leather office chairs, consider them one of the top priorities as a leather office chair is one piece of office furniture that needs to be carefully maintained.  Make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight as it can damage the material.  Do not use abrasive cleaners such as alcohol-based cleaners.  Instead, purchase cleaners that are specifically designed for leather surfaces. .

2.    Wipe and polish wood furniture
In many cases, wood furniture has already been treated making it easy to care for.  But for untreated wood furniture, use a dry cloth followed by wood treatment oils to maintain the appearance of the furniture.  For treated wood furniture, a damp cloth followed by furniture polish would be ideal.  Encourage your employees to use coasters to avoid stains on the surface of any wood office furniture as these will be difficult to remove later on.

3.    Practice clean desk policy
Keeping a clean desk is important in avoiding the accumulation of dust in the workplace.  Encourage your employees to observe a clean desk policy.  Provide them storage systems such as filing cabinets to store paperwork or any office supplies on their desks.  Reducing the clutter on their desks also increases your employees’ productivity as they are able to spend more time on their jobs instead of cleaning their mess.

Desk pads can also be used to prevent scratches on the surface of an office desk.  Employees should also avoid eating in their workstations to prevent any food stains on their desks that will be difficult to remove.

4.    Report a defect
If you or your employees notice a strange sound when you sit on your office chair or if you find a defect such as a loose screw, report it immediately to your maintenance department.  Any defect in office furniture should be fixed immediately to ensure your safety and prevent further damage.

5.    Pay attention to the reception area
Your business’ reception area is the first thing visitors and clients see, as such proper care and maintenance should be given to the reception furniture.  Make sure your reception furniture is not worn-out or outdated.  Visitor seating such as sofas and visitor chairs must be clean and their upholstery must be free of holes.  Coffee tables and reception desks must be well-polished and free of stains.  Remember that the reception area often forms a visitor’s first impression so make sure that it looks appealing and professional at all times.

Some final tips

You may also employ professional cleaning services to care for your office.Trabajillos is a facility management company and can take on your building or’s a one-stop shop for all your facility maintenance

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Odd Jobs in the Home/Office :

The list of odd jobs around the average home or office can be daunting. Trabajillos can help with those odd jobs you keep putting off and get them off your list.

Trabajillos is ideal for:
• Picture Hanging
• Installing Shelving
• Installing Blinds
• Putting up shelves
• Window washing
• Eaves and window cleaning
• Garbage removal
• Changing smoke detector batteries
• Changing light bulbs
• Dusting hard to reach places
• Organizing storage spaces
• Fitting smoke alarms
• Picture hanging
• Installing Blinds
• Hanging mirrors

We bring all our own tools for each particular job. All items needed should be purchased before we arrive unless you request Trabajillos to assess and purchase these items.

Call Trabajillos today to discuss your options and get your Free Estimate.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

How to Choose Best Carpet for Your Office:

Even for the non-workaholics their office is their home away from home. Simply because of the amount of time one spends there. Which then becomes imperative that the same amount of care is shown in choosing it, as you would while choosing one for your home. Unlike homes personal taste and budget alone are not the deciding factors that govern the choice of the carpet. It would definitely do good to check with peers before finalizing.

Two major factors you might want to consider before you even call the store is your budget and the nature of your business. This way you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration while you go through the innumerable options that are available for you to choose from. Once you are sure about these things you can definitely put aside what you don’t want and then break your head on which one to choose.
Here are some pointers to help you in decide.

Type of Business Vs. Type of Carpet:
The foremost of the things that you need to consider is your business type. If your business is the kind where you need to impress your client on entering your office, then you might want to go in for a more fussy and lavish carpet. Though they are high on maintenance your high-end clientele are going to both appreciate it and tread on it with care. On the other hand if you have a store with a lot of walk-ins or if a carpet is purely functional in your case then you might want to go in for a durable and low maintenance carpet.
Your priorities may change even based on whether yours is an office space or a showroom. While in an office you want to go in for a more toned down look you have the liberty to choose a highly vibrant looking rug for your showroom, if it suits the nature of your business.

Traffic – High or Low:
Of course carpets are meant to be walked on, but different kinds have different levels of endurance to traffic. If your office has a lot of walk-ins or just a lot of people who need to be on the move constantly then you will have to choose from the durable and easy to maintain varieties that are non-fussy and not so thick. If you have a large office then you can choose the best Chinese rugs accordingly. While you can go in for more elaborate varieties while choosing for the M.D’s or G.M’s cabin you can use the more durable ones for corridors, passages and the canteen area. You can go for the decorative yet low maintenance ones for the reception area.

Rolling Traffic:
Yet another factor to consider is the rolling traffic, such as the wheel chair or luggage carts. A fussy or thick rug will be a big hindrance to wheel movement

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